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User Guide
  • 1. Introduction to Screening
  • 2. Include and Exclude Symbol Groups
  • 3. Criteria Basics
  • 4. Criteria Conditions
  • 5. Customize Criteria
  • 6. Show Charts and Grid
  • 7. Sort Charts and Grid
  • 8. Criteria Values on Charts and Grid
  • 9. Customize Chart Studies
  • 10. Change Chart Duration and Period
  • 11. Resize Charts
  • 12. Add Trend Lines
  • 13. Adjust Global Chart Settings
  • 14. Customize Grid Columns
  • 15. Set As Of Date

Introduction to Screening

Stock screening is the process of progressively applying fundamental and/or technical analysis criteria to all stocks in the market to arrive at a manageable number of stocks for further analysis.

You can create unlimited combinations of screening criteria and grid and chart settings for easy retrieval across all of your devices and locations.

Click 'Customize Criteria' to open or close the criteria customization panel.

In the customization panel you can save screen versions and make copies. If you are viewing one of your existing Screens click 'Apply Changes' to save or 'Copy' to build an additional Screen based on the one currently on display.

Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Weekly High equal to Weekly Highest (High 52)
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