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Weekly High equal to Weekly Highest (High 52)
Custom Dates
Symbol Id  Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Weekly High Weekly Highest (High 52)
AAPADVANCE AUTO PARTS INC ADVANCE AUTO PARTS INC W/I7/31/2015NYSE174.21007/31/2015NYSE175.0000175.0000
ABCBAMERIS BANCORP7/31/2015Nasdaq GS27.01007/31/2015NGSM27.050027.0500
ABCOTHE ADVISORY BOARD COMPANY7/31/2015Nasdaq GS59.90007/31/2015NGSM60.380060.3800
ABMDABIOMED, INC.7/31/2015Nasdaq GS77.46007/31/2015NGSM79.370079.3700
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