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Nasdaq GM Nasdaq GS NYSE
Weekly High equal to Weekly Highest (High 52)
Custom Dates
Symbol Id  Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Weekly High Weekly Highest (High 52)
ABCWANCHOR BANCORP WISCONSIN INC.7/2/2015Nasdaq GS39.67007/2/2015NGSM39.900039.9000
ACFCATLANTIC COAST FINANCIAL CORP.7/2/2015Nasdaq GM4.55007/2/2015NGM4.90004.9000
ACGLARCH CAPITAL GROUP LTD.7/2/2015Nasdaq GS68.38007/2/2015NGSM69.425069.4250
ACHCACADIA HEALTHCARE COMPANY, INC.7/2/2015Nasdaq GS79.83007/2/2015NGSM81.230081.2300
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