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Weekly High equal to Weekly Highest (High 52)


is the Highest value recorded over a specified time period.


Find the highest value of each bar in the time period.

Use Other Values

Although the default input to Highest is High Price you could use any value. For example, you could specify Volume as the Custom Input to determine the highest Volume of any bar during the period.

Custom Dates
Symbol Id  Name Exchange Close Price Trade Date Weekly High Weekly Highest (High 52)
AACAAC HLDGS, INC.5/21/2015NYSE37.95005/21/2015NYSE39.049939.0499
AAWWATLAS AIR WORLDWIDE HLDGS5/21/2015Nasdaq GS57.65005/21/2015NGSM59.470059.4700
ABMABM INDUSTRIES INC.5/21/2015NYSE32.64005/21/2015NYSE33.080033.0800
ABTABBOTT LABORATORIES5/21/2015NYSE49.34005/21/2015NYSE49.430049.4300
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